Achieving Health FOUNDATIONS


​With progress on the 5 pillars of health you can make incredible changes

Can you really strip it all back to basics and still make progress? Absolutely and I highly recommend it to remove all of the noise and confusion For example, here are 5 pillars of health and 3 tips for each that anyone can follow and I would say at least 85% of those that do will see incredible progress over the next several weeks simply by a 70%-80% adherence – no robots please!


1 – Get to bed and wake up at similar times on a daily basis

2 – Turn all devices off an hour before bed and begin to wind down

3 – No tech in bed and keep your room as dark, silent and cool as possible


1 - Remove the word diet from your life and fuel/recover your vehicle, also burn the wagon so you never fall off it again and take responsibility for your actions

2 – Work out your calorie requirement and be ok feeling hungry if you want to lose fat

3 – Shop mindfully as if it is not in your trolly it cannot go in your face


1 – Buy a bottle you can take with you wherever you go

2 – Sip throughout the day – like when you check your phone

3 - Get data feedback such as a fitness tracking app and aim for 2-3l a day building up 250ml each week


1 – Move daily and well

2 – Find routines and equipment you enjoy and have them readily available

3 – Set a meaningful health goal that inspires you to achieve it for you by focusing on what success will bring long term


1 – Spend 10 minutes each day sitting in acceptance with your internal weather – mind and body

2 – Observe what caused how you feel by rewinding to create a timeline of cause and effect and realise different responses are available through choice when you recognise the script playing

3 – Do whatever is required to accept and deal with what you currently carry that burdens this moment and ask for help/talk to people

If you did a few of these when you remember you will make progress If you did half of them most of the time you would see significant change If you set yourself the task of 30 days implementing each as well and honestly as you can, you will have solid health foundations for life

You get to choose what is important and what gets your time